Got questions? We have answers!

Do I need to install any programs on my computer?

No, all calculations are done in the cloud. You simply upload the file directly to our website and receive the recovered password after a while. You do not even need to register there. After uploading a file, you may leave your e-mail, and we will send a notification with the job result.

Are you better than my password cracking program?

Definitely! Our computing cluster is a thousand times more powerful than any home computer. It would take you months to do a recovery we could do in a few hours, and we accept payment only if the lost password is successfully recovered.

Is it safe to upload files to your website?

Absolutely! The website uses a secure HTTPS protocol, which guarantees the confidentiality of the transmitted data. The uploaded files are stored in an encrypted storage.

Can you simply remove the password from my file?

If you know the password, in most cases you can unlock the file by yourself. For example, here are the instructions for password removal in MS Office documents. To remove a password from a PDF file, you can use our online PDF Password Remover tool, it’s totally free!

If you lost the password, you must first restore it to unlock the file, and then do whatever you like with the locked file. Just upload the file to our website and follow the instructions.

Do you guarantee a successful password recovery?

No, there is no 100% guarantee of success. But our statistics show that we successfully find the lost password in 61% of cases, which is a very good result. Read about the chances of password recovery in detail

If you order a brute force with the mask, we can guarantee that all variants the mask assumes will be tested and all conditions will be fulfilled.

How long does the password recovery process take?

Password recovery in most cases may take from a few minutes to 24 hours. If it is a brute force case with a mask, the time we need depends on the total number of possible variants and is discussed individually.

The time required to recover a lost password may vary widely even if the file format is the same. For example, a Word document of the MS Office 2003 package will be processed hundreds of times faster than a similar document created in MS Office 2013. With each new version, MS Office implements a more complicated cryptographic algorithm to encrypt a file, so the password recovery becomes more challenging. The same applies to other file formats.

Can I close the browser window during the password recovery process?

Of course! It is not necessary to wait for hours while we perform routine work. Add an order page URL to the browser bookmarks (or simply copy the URL of the page somewhere), and after a few hours come back to see the work progress. You can also leave us your email, and we immediately send you a notification on the work completed.

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