Password Recovery Chances

What is the probability of a successful password recovery?

The success probability depends on the order type. A weak password recovery does not give much chance for a success, but it's free and very fast. A strong password recovery process takes up to 24 hours, and the password is recovered in more than a half of the cases. In a case of the custom brute force orders with a mask given, recovering of the lost password is a 100% success.

Weak password recovery (free)
Strong password recovery (from %%min_price%%)
Brute force with a mask (prepaid service)
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Key Advantages

Cloud Password Recovery

You do not need to install any software; just upload an encrypted file to our website and wait for the result. The power of our computing cluster allows us to perform a huge amount of complex calculations in just a few hours, so no home computer can compete with it.

Free Weak Password Recovery

We recover weak passwords for free; you even don't need to register on our website! We can do the job in a few minutes and guarantee a positive result in 22% of cases according to our internal statistics.

Pay Only for Successful Recovery

You pay only for the strong password recovery and only if it is a success. No prepayment needed!

Password Recovery Online

Free Tools

Pay attention to the free utilities on our website. Some of them may be useful in your daily routine.

Unlock PDF

Remove your PDF file password online for free. Just upload the protected file, enter the password and download your PDF file back with no password protection. If you have lost the password, you should recover it first.

Password Generator

This free tool generates any password, starting with a very complicated one (like a randomly generated string as 4l'/%X}}2VPl{+I or something similar) and ending with an easy to remember password or a combination from a predetermined set of symbols.

Brute Force Calculator

Do you want to know how much time it takes to brute force a password? Set a document type, password charset and its length. The calculator will show you the total number of passwords you need to search through and will estimate the time you need to brute force your password.

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