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Each day thousands of people lose access to their important files because of lost or forgotten passwords. LostMyPass.com is here to save the day! Our mission is simple: help people regain access to their password-protected files. From Excel accounting sheets to PDF banking statements and valuable data archives, we've got you covered.

Moreover, our affiliate program provides an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to earn some extra cash. By joining our program, you can earn up to 40% revenue share for each client referred. Sign up now and start earning with LostMyPass.com!


LostMyPass Affiliates offers you a transparent way to make money. Find out how your commissions are calculated, when payments are due, and get a personal touch.

25%Revenue Share
  • 1 to 10 paid orders/month
30%Revenue Share
  • 11 to 25 paid orders/month
35%Revenue Share
  • 26 to 50 paid orders/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LostMyPass?

LostMyPass is a cloud password recovery service. Our advantages: a large proportion of successfully completed orders (more than 60%), no prepayment, high password recovery speed, and a fully automated process. By joining our affiliate program, you will earn a high commission from each client you bring.

I do not have a website, can I join the Affiliate Program?

We do not impose such restrictions on our partners. Having a website is optional. However, you need to understand that LostMyPass works in a very narrow niche and not all traffic will be converted into payments.

In addition to websites and forums dedicated to security and password cracking, below is the list of online services and software which are best suited for our affiliate program:

  • PDF editing tools;
  • Permissions password removers (PDF, MS Office);
  • PDF and MS Office documents converters;
  • Any mobile or desktop applications that work with documents or archives.

Occasionally, users may choose to upload password-protected files onto such services; however, these files are unable to be edited or converted. In order to circumvent this predicament, it is recommended that the user first recover their forgotten password through our website. Not only does this action assist your customer in unlocking their file and enables them to return to your service's website and conduct a paid order, but you simultaneously earn a substantial commission. Therefore, this approach proves advantageous for both parties involved — a win-win situation indeed.

What countries do you accept traffic from?

We work with clients from all over the world.

What methods are prohibited?

We prohibit spamming and hacking methods such as email spam, social networks spam, popunders and clickunders, SERP spoofing, and so on. Affiliate accounts whose actions are found to use unfair methods to promote our site will be blocked without the possibility of withdrawing funds.

What is Revenue Sharing?

It's simple; you get your commission as a percentage of each paid order amount. The more targeted traffic you attract, the more you earn.

How revenue share income is being calculated?

The partner's income is determined by a percentage of the net revenue we receive from the clients he refers to our website. Net revenue is calculated as the remaining amount in USD after deducting all transaction costs, including VAT (for some regions), payment gateway fees, and currency conversion losses.

Partners operate according to the progressive commission scale (see the "Commissions" table above). To illustrate this formula, consider two examples:

  1. Consider that a partner referred several clients who made 8 payments within the reporting month. According to the first commission level, this partner will receive a 25% Revenue Share.
  2. Another partner referred customers who made 22 payments during the same period; then he receives income equal to 25% of the first ten payments plus 30% of subsequent twelve payments.
Can you offer me a special commission plan?

Why not, we are ready to offer our major partners the best conditions. But for a start, you should join our affiliate program on general terms and see how well your traffic is converted. There may be a lot of traffic, but for reasons beyond our control, this traffic may be poorly converted into payments.

Do you pay for referred sub-affiliates?

Yes, you'll get 15% of your referred sub-affiliates' earnings lifetime.

How will partner be paid?

Payments are made monthly for previous month through PayPal or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT TRC-20 with 100 USD being set as a minimal payment threshold; any balance below 100 USD will roll over into forthcoming months until it is surpassed.

Kindly take note that we apply a 5% commission on payouts to PayPal as a result of elevated transaction expenses. Payments to crypto wallets are exempt from commission and will be processed at the exchange rate of the chosen coin on the day of payment.

How does an affiliate cookie work?

When a visitor clicks the affiliate link and get to the LostMyPass website, a cookie is placed for 30 days. The cookie let us know that the visitor has been referred there by a certain partner.

What is the difference between Completed Order and Paid Order?

Completed Order is a successfully fulfilled (but not yet paid) Strong Password Recovery order. When the user pays for it and gets the recovered password, the order receives the Paid Order status, and we credit the partner with a reward for this order.

Why is the Paid Orders count much less than the Completed ones?

We perform work without prepayment because we can’t guarantee customers successful password recovery. Some people upload trash files to Strong Password Recovery, not paying attention to the fact that this is a paid service, so they don’t intend to pay for the order. There are those who upload files just to test the service or for fun.

The percentage of paid orders is highly dependent on the traffic Geo. The best payment discipline is among the clients from developed countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and others); we get the highest payment conversion rate (about 30-40%) from the clients of these countries. On the other hand, customers from the third world countries (some poor countries from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin, and Central America) pay less than 1% considering their completed orders.

Any other questions?

For any other questions, please contact affiliates@lostmypass.com or use the feedback form.


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