Step 1

Weak password recovery

  • Dictionary: 3 million weak passwords
  • Success probability ≈ 22%
  • Time estimate: up to few minutes
  • It's absolutely free!

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Step 2

Strong password recovery

From $29 * see all rates
  • Dictionary: 20+ billion real passwords
  • Success probability ≈ 61%
  • Time estimate: up to 24 hours
  • Pay for Success *

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Step 3

Brute force with a given mask

On request
  • All passwords based on the mask **
  • Success probability = 100% ***
  • Time estimate: depends on mask complexity
  • On a prepaid basis

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* You pay only for a successful password recovery, after the job is done.

** We systematically search through all possible password variants with the specified mask. To build the right mask, we need information about the password structure, including its maximum length and character set. A blind search through all possible password variants is useless. Just imagine, finding a 10-character password blindly, even with our high-performance cluster, would take thousands of years because there are more than 67 quintillion (67 * 1018) possible variants. You can calculate the number of password options and the approximate search time online with our Brute Force calculator.

*** 100% successful password recovery is guaranteed only if you have specified the correct mask. We will never recover a password successfully if the mask parameters, including characters and length, are not correct. So, please, order a mask password recovery only if you know for sure the password structure: its maximum length and character set.


Document Type Time Estimate Price
PDF (Acrobat 2-4) Up to 3 hours $29 .00
PDF (Acrobat 5-11) Up to 6 hours $39 .00
MS Office ≤ 2003 Up to 3 hours $29 .00
MS Office 2007 Up to 6 hours $39 .00
MS Office 2010-2013 Up to 24 hours $49 .00
Archive Files
File Type Time Estimate Price
Zip Up to 3 hours $29 .00
RAR Up to 6 hours $39 .00
7z Up to 24 hours $49 .00

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