We have developed a unique hardware and software infrastructure tuned for fast and efficient password recovery. Each server works with a maximum hardware load 24/7 to find your password as quickly as possible.

If you just have a faint idea about how password cracking works, we recommend that you first read “The Password Recovery Process” page. In this article, we tell you about our cloud service power and capacity.


The heart of our cloud service is a computing cluster of high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) servers, it is not a central processing unit (CPU) like most typical data centers have.

Why GPU? A good question! Graphics processors were originally designed to perform a large number of similar calculations, and are ideal for our task. The GPU core has a very simple architecture compared to the CPU, which makes it possible to place a graphics processor on a microchip as compactly as possible and to implement parallel calculations simultaneously on a large number of cores. In a modern graphics card, thousands of such units are concentrated, so calculations are performed tens and even hundreds of times faster than with the most powerful CPUs. Initially, GPUs had a closed architecture and were intended only for 3D rendering. But recently the manufacturers of graphics video cards implemented the CUDA and OpenCL frameworks, which allowed all programs to use the power of the graphics card to perform any routine calculation.

NVIDIA Tesla Server

A GPU server is a powerful computer with several high-end graphics video cards. One such server is able to search for the password through millions of variants in a second. By combining servers into a cluster, we get a high-performance system that produces hundreds of millions of actions every second. This architecture allows us to recover passwords of several hundred files simultaneously, and this is not the limit. We are constantly improving our system, upgrading hardware and increasing the number of servers. This speeds up our work, despite the regular complications of encrypting algorithms in the outer world.

Our computing cluster includes several small data centers, geographically located in different places. With no harm to the operation process, we can power off one server, or even the entire data center, to upgrade the hardware and perform regular maintenance. In this case, the whole system is operating in normal mode, but with a partial decrease in productivity. During peak loads, the password recovery process may take a little longer, but you will never see a message that the service is unavailable for some technical reason.


The software is designed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire system with the maximum hardware load. Each server is loaded for 100% full. Our system evenly distributes the work across all nodes of the cluster to prevent equipment downtime.

The password cracking software is optimized for the OpenCL framework, which ensures the fastest possible search of passwords with GPU processors.


We use Linux server operating systems, which are focused on the security issues. All data exchanges between servers and website visitors are securely encrypted, and the uploaded files are stored in our special encrypted storage.

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