12 Mar 2018

Dear users, today we have great news for you. We finally befriended PKZIP format, and are pleased to bring to your attention the password recovery option of Zip archives with PKZIP compression.

For those who are not aware: PKZIP is one of the compression algorithms used in *.zip files. But it is not just one of the algorithms, but the de facto standard for Zip archives. Here is just the list of some main libraries and programs using PKZIP for data compression:

  • zlib and gzip libraries;
  • WinRar;
  • 7z;
  • Built-in support for Zip in Windows OS;
  • Old versions of WinZip.

Our internal statistics show that PKZIP compression is used in more than 80% of all Zip archives. Why did we not add it earlier? It is not a rhetorical, but rather a complex technological question.

The main problem is that PKZIP is a very confusing format, and it is almost impossible to search for a password running graphics chips (GPUs) without some ugly tweaks and “crutches”. So we chose a more reliable way — password recovery with processor power (CPU). That is why we have made a major update of our entire cloud system, and also added many CPU servers to our computing cluster.

Our efforts have definitely not been wasted: now a Zip password recovery is performed as quickly as it is for other file formats on GPU servers.

Next weeks, the PKZIP format is to be launched in a beta testing mode. Upload your files, and let us know about any problems.

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