Password Recuired to Unlock a Zip File

So, you have an encrypted Zip archive protected with a password you forgot. The only way to unlock it is to enter the correct password. There can be no other options, as archive files are securely encrypted with a cryptographic algorithm; if someone promises you a 100% guarantee of opening such an archive, be aware that this is a fraudster.

But there is a hope! Our service was created to help those people who find themselves in a difficult situation. We are not omnipotent, but we make a lot of efforts to help our visitors recover the lost password to their Zip archive.

How Does it Work?

We have created a unique password recovery system, which includes a powerful computing cluster and a huge database of real user passwords. Yes, it is: password recovery is a sequential checking out a huge number of various options until the original (the only correct) password is found. This is a very complex and resource-intensive procedure that requires a lot of time. Obviously, this process cannot guarantee 100% of the result, but, according to our statistics, we successfully recover the lost password in more than 60% of cases, and this is a very good result.

So, to start the process of recovering a lost password, just go to the Zip Password Recovery page and upload your file in a special form.

A weak password recovery takes only a few minutes, and, if successful, the restored password will be immediately shown to the visitor. It is very fast and completely free for all our visitors!

If the password is not quite simple and has not been recovered immediately, then you can proceed to the next stage — recovering a strong password. In this case, we use the power of our computing cluster and check hundreds of billions of passwords in search of the one that you lost. Such work can take up to 6 hours, and this is a paid service.

We begin the Strong Password Recovery process without prepayment and bill the client only if the Zip archive has been successfully unlocked. If you need, we can open a file from your archive and email you a fragment of the opened file as proof. When the bill is paid, you will receive your original password.

Brute Force a Zip File With GPU Acceleration

Brute Force Attack on Zip Files

As noted above, password recovery using our regular means gives a positive result in more than 60% of cases. But what should you do if your file gets into 40% of unsuccessful cases?

We can consider the brute force option. Provide us with the most detailed information about the structure of the password, that is, its length and character set. All you might know.

If the information you provide helps us reduce the set of all possible combinations to reasonable limits and we can cope with the task in a reasonable amount of time, then we will launch the brute force of your file. But we draw your attention to two important details:

  1. We guarantee that all passwords will be checked according to the mask you set, but the process will fail if the initial search mask was set incorrectly by you. For example, if the original password is longer, or there are unaccounted characters in it.
  2. The work is carried out at 100% prepayment. The funds are not refunded, regardless of the result of the work, because all the agreed amount of work will be performed by us.

Types of Zip Files

The zip file is like a container. Inside such a container, different compression algorithms and techniques can be used. For example, there is a PKZIP algorithm and several versions of the WinZip algorithm. All files inside the archive can be encrypted with one password, or each file can be encrypted with its own unique password.

We support most formats, but we cannot process some archive formats. Just upload your file to the website, and if it is accepted and processed, then its format is supported by the system.

Legal Notes

Please note that we respect copyright and process applications for password recovery and removal only from the owner of this file. Before using the service, you must accept our Terms and Conditions.

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