Password Recuired to Unlock a Rar File

WinRar is an awesome program! Many people use it to archive their personal or work data, while users often use a password to hide information from prying eyes. But what should you do if you forgot the password to your RAR archive?

We can help you with this problem! We created the LostMyPass cloud service specifically for these purposes. For now, LostMyPass has completed more than a million orders and saved a huge amount of time and nerves for our customers, and for some of our clients, we saved a career or even health! Just read what our customers write about us.

So, in front of you on the screen is an encrypted RAR file, the password to which you lost (Ok, forgot). The solution to your problem is not complicated: upload the file to the RAR Password Recovery page and follow the further instructions.

How Much is It?

We recover weak passwords very quickly (maximum 5 minutes) and do it completely free of charge for all our visitors. If your lost password can be found in the database of the most frequently used passwords, we will not charge you for password recovery.

If we did not find your lost password in the database of frequently used passwords, then we offer you a paid Strong Password Recovery option. We draw your attention to the fact that we are starting work on recovering your strong password without prepayment, but if the password is recovered, you will have to pay the invoice first (see the Prices page) and only then you can get your password. As proof, we can, at your request, open the contents of the archive and send you a fragment of the file from it.

What are My Chances of Unlocking a RAR Archive?

We have completed a huge number of orders, and our statistics show that we successfully unlock more than 60% of the files. Of course, this is not a 100% guarantee, but still a very good result!

However, neither we nor anyone else can give you a 100% guarantee on the Rar archive password recovery. No one can be guaranteed to unlock the encrypted file because the password recovery process itself is a sequential search among a huge number of options until the original password is found. This is a very complex and resource-consuming process, so a probability of 60% is already very, very good.

Rar Types We Don’t Support

WinRar archives come in different versions and types. Unfortunately, we do not support some of the formats for technical reasons. To be precise, we do not support Rar archives with an unencrypted list of files, as well as archives in which more than one password is used (that is, different files in the archive are encrypted with different passwords).

Just upload your file to our website, and if the work has started, then your file is supported by our system.

What If You Can’t Send Us the Original File

It happens that archives contain strictly confidential information. Our customers often ask whether it is possible to unblock such an archive without sending it to us. We are happy to answer that it is possible!

We do not need the file itself to recover the password. We need some technical data about the password, the so-called hash. This is a small line of text that contains all the necessary information about the password.

To start password recovery without the original file, just send this hash to us. To get the hash from the Rar archive, use the rar2john utility. Contact our technical support for assistance.

How to Unlock WinRar File on Your PC

In short, no way. Rar is a very slow file format for cracking passwords. Even the top-end graphics card will be able to perform brute force no more than 30,000 passwords per second, and the average home computer runs several times slower. To help you understand the extent of the problem: all 7-character alphanumeric passwords are 69,833,729,609,375 options for sequential search.

If we consider the technical side of unlocking the archive, then it is more reasonable to start the search for the password not with brute force, but with a good password base, which of course you do not have; no one will provide you with such a database. In the best case, the top100k password database will be bundled with the program, but it’s of little use: the Weak Password Recovery option is free and checks for a much larger number of weak passwords in just a couple of minutes.

However, you may try. At least, you will have fun and learn a lot about file encryption. Most importantly, do not install a malicious program on the computer in the guise of the program you need. Good luck!

Legal Notes

Please note that we respect copyright and process applications for password recovery and removal only from the owner of this file. Before using the service, you must accept our Terms and Conditions.

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