PDF Owner Password (Permissions Password); trying to print

When creating a PDF document, the author can specify Permissions Password, which will prohibit the performance of certain actions with this document, including printing it.

Knowing the owner's password, you can remove protection from the document. But for this, you need Adobe Acrobat Pro software, which you might just not have at hand. Also, the cost of this software may not be justified by the need to simply print one PDF document.

Our free PDF Password Remover Tool quickly removes such owner protection from a PDF file for free. Just upload your file to the page and literally in a couple of seconds download the unlocked PDF document to your computer. Now you can print it without any problems.

PDF User Password Dialog Box

Printing a PDF File Protected with User Password

User password is the password to open the PDF file. If you forgot your user password, then we have two news for you: bad and good. The bad news is that you can only open this file with the original password. The good one is that you have a fairly high chance of recovering the lost password using our PDF Password Recovery Service. Just upload the file to our website and follow the instructions.

In short, we recover weak passwords very quickly and completely free of charge. Recovering a complex password may take up to 12 hours: at this time, our computing cluster checks tens of billions of passwords one after another in search of the only correct one. Such work will succeed in more than 60% of cases, but it will cost you money.

In any case, it is worth trying your luck. Just upload the file to our website: we immediately begin the process of recovering your password.

Legal Notes

Please note that we respect copyright and process applications for password recovery and removal only from the owner of this file. Before using the service, you must accept our Terms and Conditions.

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