Cómo eliminar la contraseña de un documento Word

There are two types of passwords in MS Office Word documents: a password to open a document and a password to make changes. Below we describe how to remove the password from a Word document for each case in detail.

1. How to Remove a Password to Open a Document (If You Forgot It)

People from all over the world turn to us with a request to recover a forgotten password, and the loss of a password to open a Word document is one of the most common requests. This is a very serious problem, since the entire file is encrypted with a reliable cryptographic algorithm, the original password is only one key to decrypting the file. That is, with no options at all. Don't even pay attention to ads like “100% guarantee of hacking a docx document”, this is a fraud!

The only hope for successful password recovery is the habit of most people to simplify their lives. People choose easy-to-remember passwords that are easy to guess. It's not that simple, but with the computing power we have, we can search for tens of billions of likely passwords quickly enough. LostMyPass will do the job of recovering the Word password in no more than 24 hours, while the probability of a successful attack and recovery of the lost password is more than 60%.

Just upload your file to the Word Password Recovery page and follow further instructions. We recover weak passwords for free and in just a couple of minutes; strong passwords are processed longer, and we will bill you before we show you the recovered password (see the Prices page).

2. How to Remove a Password to Open a Document (If You Know It)

So, you know the password for opening your Word file (or you recovered it with LostMyPass), now you would like to delete it. There is nothing easier. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Word document with the password. Password to open a MS Word document
  2. Open the File tab, then choose Info.
  3. Then click on the “Protect Document” and then on the “Encrypt with Password”. How to remove password in MS Office Word
  4. Remove the password from the text box and save the file. Remove the password

3. How to Remove a Password to Make Changes in Word Document

It does not matter if you know the password or you forgot it, you can delete the password for editing the file using LostMyPass in just two clicks. Just upload your MS Word document to the Word Password Recovery page, and in a second you will have access to the button to download an unlocked file.

Please note that we can only delete the password for making changes, but we cannot restore the original password. Also, we accept only MS Office files of version >= 2007 (*.docx files). Older versions (*.doc files) we do not support.

You can remove the editing protection from such a file yourself on your home PC, however, you will need some technical skills and time. See detailed instructions on the “How to Unlock a Word Document” page.

Legal Notes

Please note that we respect copyright and process applications for password recovery and removal only from the owner of this file. Before using the service, you must accept our Terms and Conditions.

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