Password Recuired to Unlock a Zip File

What to do if you forgot the password from your Zip archive? It is impossible to crack this file without the original password (do not believe the one who claims otherwise), but you can try to recover the lost password.

Fortunately, the Zip file format was designed a long time ago, and its developers did not take into account the high power of modern computers. Depending on the encryption algorithm used, a modern powerful computer can check hundreds of thousands of passwords per second and even more. The power of our computing cluster is tens of millions of WinZip passwords and billions of passwords per second in the case of the PKZIP algorithm!

Thus, you have two ways to crack the Zip archive: using our cloud service, or independently on your computer.

How to Crack a WinZip file on Your PC

In short, you install the program on your computer and try to recover the password on your own. In this case, you should consider that such programs have a number of disadvantages.

  1. Good cracking programs are always paid. You will buy a license in any case, regardless of whether this program helps you or not. Some programs allow you to try it for free, but in a very limited mode (without GPU accelerating, only with very short passwords or for a limited amount of time, etc.). Thus, you can recover your lost password only in case of great luck.
  2. The password recovery speed depends on the power of your computer, and recovering even short passwords can take months or years. Count for yourself: if you have a 7-character password with Latin letters, numbers and special characters, there are 69,833,729,609,375 options. Checking all of these passwords even on a very powerful gaming computer will take several years.
  3. Password recovery is most reasonable to start not with brute force, but with a good database of real user passwords. No program will provide you with such a database since a password database with at least 10 billion passwords takes up tens of GB of disk space.
  4. A lot of malicious programs are spreading on the Internet under the guise of such password recovery programs. Not always antivirus gives 100% security guarantee.

Clients from all over the world turn to us; some of them spent days or even weeks looking for a really working password recovery program — it was a waste of time and money. However, you can try. The World Wide Web will offer you tens or even hundreds of similar programs. We will not be able to recommend any specific ones since we cannot vouch for their correct operation on your equipment or OS.

How to Crack a Zip Password with LostMyPass Cloud Service

The process of recovering the password from the Zip archive on our website is extremely simple: upload the file to the page, and after a while, the result is available to you. If we support the format of your file, then the recovery process starts immediately. Just upload your file on this page:

We can offer you the following benefits.

  1. We recover weak passwords for free and almost instantly.
  2. Strong passwords are recovered up to 6 hours. And this is already a paid service, see the Prices page. But we only bill the customer if the password has been successfully recovered.
  3. We have put together a huge database of real user passwords, over tens of billions of units. Search for the lost password in this database is successful in more than 60% of cases.
  4. We can run a brute force process, and our computing cluster will execute it hundreds or even thousands of times faster than your home computer.

What If You Can’t Send Us the Original File

Often, we are asked to recover the password for confidential Zip archives. In this case, we can begin the process of recovering the password by the hash value. This is a small piece of text that contains all the information we need to recover the password.

You can get such a hash yourself using the zip2john utility, and send it to us. Please note that in the case of a successfully restored password, we will not be able to provide you with proof, because we have no source file.

Legal Notes

Please note that we respect copyright and process applications for password recovery and removal only from the owner of this file. Before using the service, you must accept our Terms and Conditions.

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